people consulting

Carolyn Cousins

Carolyn has partnered with the HETI Management Development Unit since 2013, joining the People Management Skills Program and then providing CORE Chat programs for staff and Managers around the State. Carolyn was involved in curriculum development for aspects of each of these programs. She holds Masters Degrees in Adult Education and Social Work, as well as a Diploma in Management. She has worked in front line, management and policy roles in NSW Health. She has also worked in management and senior executive roles in the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK.

As well as working for HETI, Carolyn provides management and clinical supervision for staff in a range of Local Health Districts and is passionate about improving culture and emotional intelligence across NSW Health. She often sees the impact that bullying and micromanagement has on individuals and teams, both professionally and personally. She finds the suite of HETI Management programs provide a vehicle for positively influencing culture and ensuring staff and patients receive the best environment possible.