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Leadership Fellows

Graham Dickson, PhD

Graham Dickson was the founding director of the Centre for Health Leadership and Research at Royal Roads University in British Columbia, Canada, later becoming Professor Emeritus of Leadership in the Faculty of Social and Applied Sciences. Dickson served on the board of the Capital Health Region in Victoria, the Victoria Hospital Foundation, and the Physician Assistants Certification Council, working closely with senior health leaders in B.C. and Canada, in addition to serving as a member of the B.C. Leadership and Management Institute board.

Dickson has had in-depth and diverse experience identifying and implementing leadership capacity within large organisations, and was instrumental in setting up the B.C. Leaders for Life program, a leadership and succession planning initiative designed for the B.C. health sector.

Peter Spurgeon

Professor Peter Spurgeon is a leading authority on medical leadership and engagement. His areas of interest include clinicians in management; managerial potential and performance assessment; organisational development and change management, organisational culture, risk management and medical engagement. He has written extensively on human resource development, applied psychology and workforce analysis. He has published numerous articles exploring organisational stress; selection and training; effective management and performance and the role of clinicians in management and governance.

Peter has worked throughout Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Norway, Portugal and Zimbabwe, providing advice to health ministers and policy makers about health service reform, in addition to provision of managerial training programs for senior executives. He is currently Director of the Institute of Clinical Leadership and is Adjunct Professor of Edith Cowan University in Perth and Bocconi University in Milan.

Robin Ryde

Robin Ryde is a business author, leadership and organisational development expert, former CEO of the UK National School of Government and a co-founder of the research enterprise Public Leadership Inquiry. Mr Ryde was the youngest person to direct the British Prime Minister’s Top Management Program, one of the largest leadership development courses of its kind in Europe. He has been HR Director and Evaluation Director with the UK National Audit Office and an Executive team member of ‘4ps’, now Local Partnerships, a procurement consultancy body that collaborates with local governments, working at intersection between the private and public sectors in order to support large scale finance initiatives.

In collaboration with the UK National School of Government, Mr Ryde led a cost recovery business and served as Chair of the Public Service Leadership Alliance Committee, in addition to acting as a member of various senior HR and leadership committees. He has led evaluations of large government programs ranging from procurement of military equipment to major investments in development economics. He was the head of the UK National School of Government’s Leadership Centre and has consulted throughout the UK, US, South America, Australia, United Arab Emirates and Eastern Europe. Mr Ryde currently directs the Executive Fellows Program for ANZSOG, and is a Visiting Fellow of the Ashridge Management Centre, the Oxford Group, the Centre for Public Service Partnerships and the National School of Government in the UK. Mr Ryde’s deeply-felt belief that effective communication creates the foundation for exceptional business led him to set up Robin Ryde Consulting, in order to continue to explore methods for achieving excellence in leadership, facilitation and talent management.

John Clark

John Clark has had an extensive career in medical leadership and engagement activities throughout the UK and Australia. He has worked as a Chief Executive, Health Policy Unit Director and National Director of Leadership Development for the NHS in the UK, which included leading the joint Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and the NHS Institute’s Enhancing Engagement in Medical Leadership project.

Over the past 18 years, he has spent considerable time working in Western Australia where he is currently Adviser to the Institute for Health Leadership (Department of Health). In this role he was instrumental in the design of a range of medical leadership programs and the implementation of cultural change to engage doctors in the leadership of the health system. He is currently a Senior Fellow at The King’s Fund and Adjunct Associate Professor at the Institute of University of Warwick Medical School. He has presented and published widely on medical leadership and engagement including co-authoring Medical Leadership: From the Dark Side to Centre Stage with Peter Spurgeon and Chris Ham.