The leadership and management framework self assessment tool

Achieving Outcomes

Building a common vision for health outcomes

I engage with others to set the direction of services and build a vision for health *
I discuss the range of factors that can impact the future of health *

Using outcomes for patients and clients as well as service agreements to drive performance

I work with others to define desired outcomes for patients and clients *
I measure current performance in order to discuss progress towards outcomes *

Focusing on what makes a difference to results

I help identify which factors have the biggest impact on results *
I anticipate and act on issues that could cause problems *

Being accountable for performance and resources

I take responsibility for getting results and encourage others to do the same *
I help others access the resources they need to do their jobs well *

Potential development area for focus

Developing and Leading Self

Demonstrating self-awareness

I consider how my attitudes, beliefs and behaviours affect other people *
I learn from my experience and adapt my behavior accordingly *

Actively seeking personal growth

I recognise and build on my strengths *
I actively seek out opportunities to learn and develop *

Modelling desired behaviours and values

I ‘walk the talk’ with my values and beliefs *
I act on the NSW Health CORE values of Collaboration, Openness, Respect and Empowerment *

Taking responsibility for own performance and contribution to the service agreement

I think about how my own performance contributes to the larger organisational goals *
I persevere and stay calm when working under pressure *

Potential development area for focus

Engaging People and Building Relationships

Facilitating effective team processes

I spend time with the team exploring ways to work together more effectively *
I assist the team in identifying issues that affect performance *

Fostering development of others

I create opportunities for people from different professions to learn from each other *
I provide challenges and support for others to grow their leadership skills *

Harnessing talent and diversity

I bring people with different perspectives together to find creative solutions *
I help people keep an open mind when considering different view points *

Harnessing talent and diversity

I bring people with different perspectives together to find creative solutions *
I help people keep an open mind when considering different view points *

Potential development area for focus

Partnering and collaborating Across Boundaries

Employing a collaborative approach to transforming the organisation

I work with others across formal boundaries when the need arises *
I constructively challenge work-related practices, attitudes and behaviours that don’t fit the CORE values *

Mobilising people to undertake collaborative action for service transformation

Through my own action I inspire people to collaborate for change *
I work at bringing people together from different areas to shape new service directions *

Creating cross-sectorial collaborations to deliver service agreements

When working with stakeholders, I look for areas of agreement to develop new solutions *
I take into account the culture and interests of partner organisations *

Encouraging fresh insights from diverse sources to foster innovation

I encourage others to ask questions, be creative and try out new ideas *
I build relationships with others to stimulate innovation and change *

Potential development area for focus

Transforming the System

Shaping a preferred future for health service delivery

I seek out and apply new information about healthcare delivery *
I ask for and stimulate discussion about ideas for change *

Demonstrating critical and systems thinking

I think about the whole system and how everything fits together – patients, clients and professionals *
I consider issues and conflicts around change from different stakeholder perspectives *

Assessing and working through resistance and other impediments to change

I seek to understand others’ perspectives including their deeper concerns and motivations *
I put forward solutions that are designed to meet the needs and aspirations of all parities *

Being politically astute and building support for change

I influence the people I am in contact with to support change *
I help others understand how to take ownership of health reform and patient-centred care *

Potential development area for focus

Managing for Now and the Future

Building the workforce for now and the future

I utilise people management processes in order to support staff wellbeing and engagement *
I actively seek to ensure diversity and inclusion are enabled in the health workforce and patient/customer care *

Promoting optimal organisational performance

negotiate with my colleagues on how best to identify our individual strengths and apply them accordingly *
I align both service and individual performance goals with the NSW Health strategic priorities *

Creating governance and financial sustainability

I have a strong focus on the ongoing development of my commercial, economic and financial acumen *
I view optimal health outcomes for patients and customers, both short and long term, as a key factor to consider whilst managing financial sustainability *

Managing quality, safety and risk

I embed risk management practices in my day to day work *
I share reflections on behavior of self and others in relation to quality and safety objectives *

Managing logistics

I inform decisions on how goods and services are best managed to meet consumer need *
I respond in an agile way to anticipated and unanticipated logistical changes *

Leveraging technology and data to optimize outcomes

I leverage technology and data to inform decisions and to optimise outcomes *
I proactively reflect on available relevant data and share key insights with key stakeholders *

Demonstrates patient and customer centricity

I regularly review work practices to ensure a focus on patient and customer experience *
I actively seek interprofessional collaboration to achieve the best possible outcome for patients *

Potential development area for focus