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Workshop 5 - Calculating Doses for Radiology



The use of X-rays in diagnostic radiology has only increased with advances in technology and the calculation of patient doses has become an ever increasing part of medical physics service provision to medical imaging services.

Course Overview

This workshop will build on existing knowledge of radiation dose quantities and the radiation risks associated with the use of X-rays in diagnostic radiology, it will demonstrate how to apply these fundamentals in order to calculate approximate patient doses for a variety of procedures/situations that will be encountered on a day-to-day basis as a medical physicist.

The practical demonstrations will consider:

  1. The use of software packages for patient dosimetry.
  2. Calculations of foetal dosimetry for CTPA, CT Abdo/Pelvis and planar X-ray imaging.
  3. Calculations of peak-skin-dose for a coronary angioplasty procedure.
Workshop program
  • Overview of Radiation Dose Quantities and Radiation Risk
  • Radiation Doses to Patients from Clinical Examinations
  • Dose Management Software
  • Software for Patient Dose Calculation
  • Practical Methods of Foetal Dosimetry: With Q&A on concerns for patient
  • Practical Methods of Dosimetry for Interventional Radiology
  • Dose and Risk in Perspective

Organisers: Tom Greig, Jenny Differy, Amanda Perdomo and Will Ryder

The following DIMP CTG Modules will be support by this workshop:
  • CE2.2 Monitoring Radiation Levels, Including Personal Dose Monitoring
  • CE2.5 Sources of Exposure, Incidents and Emergencies
  • CB3.1 Basic patient and foetal dose and detriment from diagnostic imaging procedures
  • CE3.2 Radiation Risk to the Patient in Diagnostic Radiology
  • SR3.4 Patient Dosimetry in Diagnostic Radiology
  • SR3.5 : Foetal Dose Estimation


NSW Health DIMP Registrar: $0
NSW Health Employee: $125
External to NSW Health: $150


Conference Room 1, HNE Imaging Conference Centre

John Hunter Hospital
Lookout Road New Lambton Heights NSW 2305