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Executive Summary

The Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) is pleased to present the Allied Health Education and Training Governance Guidelines (“The Guidelines”). Governance has a critical role in embedding education and training into organisational systems. These 2022 Guidelines provide support to local systems of governance for allied health education and training within Local Health Districts and Specialty Networks in NSW.

The Guidelines have been developed by the HETI Allied Health Unit in collaboration with the NSW Allied Health Directors Advisory Network and are made up of five key elements. The key elements: Patient driven, Clinician focussed, Leadership, Organisational factors and Resources are based on evidence that promotes best practice, human-centred care and building workforce capability.

Allied health education and training is multifaceted and needs to be fully integrated into the workplace at three levels: individual, departmental and organisational. Three online self-assessments target the three levels to evaluate their progress against the Guidelines. Completion of the self-assessment tool will generate an action plan.

The interactive web-based Guidelines includes:

The Guidelines support the allied health workforce to self-assess, evaluate and determine an action plan based on each key element. It is hoped that by applying these Guidelines, health services can support the development of allied health capabilities in the delivery of human-centred care and promote a culture of lifelong learning and development of its staff. This will ensure that health professionals have the necessary up-to-date skills and knowledge to provide high quality and safe care to the people of NSW.

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