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Asset Management Resources
The Government has approved a new asset management policy which aims to drive better asset management through strengthening accountability, performance, and capability across the public sector.

Asset Management Policy
Promotes a consistent and improved approach to asset planning and delivery that is underpinned by the consideration of asset lifecycle costs, performance, risk and economic modelling to support the strategic priorities of NSW Health.

AMC -Asset Management Council
Maintain technical skills for Asset & Property Officers. AMC offers asset management professionals access to qualifications, training, insights and information on best practice, industry guidance and tools as well as access to local networks and events

Health Infrastructure – Asset Management
Health Infrastructure is leading the creation of the framework in partnership with Ministry of Health, Local Health Districts, and other health entities, such as eHealth and HealthShare.

Corporate Governance and Accountability Compendium
The Corporate Governance and Accountability Compendium (Compendium) outlines the governance requirements that apply to those organisations that form part of NSW Health and sets out the roles, relationships, and responsibilities of those organisations.

PSC Infrastructure and Constructions Project Leadership Capability Set
The ICPL Capability Set is intended to be used in conjunction with the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework. When used together, they provide a comprehensive description of the capabilities required for successful leadership in an infrastructure and construction project leadership role.

PSC Property Acquisition Capability Set
It defines additional knowledge, skills and abilities required for roles within the property acquisition profession.