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NSW Health organisations operate under constant pressure to deliver excellent care at an affordable price, an increasing challenge as our population ages, chronic disease rates increase and with changing consumer expectations of service delivery requiring innovations that also increase costs.

In this environment, the capabilities of pro-active, future-focused, highly skilled finance team members can be uplifted and better utilised to drive organisational performance as the nature of NSW Health organisations, their costs, and funding arrangements continues to change.

Development Programs

The Academy supports capability development through a selection of curated educational offerings relevant to five finance role categories ranging from entry-level to executive.

To enhance your search, offerings are also categorised by capability groups as outlined in the Public Service Commission (PSC) Capability Framework. These capability groups are:

Capability groups

Select a capability group within a role category to explore available offerings.


Finance Support Roles

Administrative staff undertaking high-volume, lower complexity, transactional work, often directly with staff, patients and/or suppliers.

Choose which PSC Capability Group you would like to explore


Entry-level professional finance staff undertaking medium to high-complexity work, drawing on tertiary-level finance knowledge and capabilities, some of which may be ‘transactional’.


Experienced finance professionals that can include both managers of more junior finance staff, or experienced specialists generating further insights in their area of specialism.


Experienced, future-focused finance professionals who manage teams, with strong strategic, advisory, and business partnering capabilities. Moving towards more strategic roles.


Experienced, future-focused, strategic finance leaders of large teams, either in Executive roles or progressing towards these. Strategic influencers, visionary drivers of change.