Career Development

A central priority is to facilitate the development of highly skilled, competent Finance, Procurement and Asset Management staff with well-rounded experiences who realise their potential, for the benefit of NSW Health organisations and their stakeholders.

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Performance and Talent

The Performance and Talent (PAT) system is a single, statewide system designed to manage performance, track progress and develop a career pathway for NSW Health staff.

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Employment Opportunities

Working in the NSW public sector provides great opportunities to contribute to the broader NSW community and offers flexibility in the way you work.

Public sector roles are designed so that you can transfer your capabilities and move within your agency or beyond. You will have opportunities to work with and learn from the varied experiences of our diverse workforce, embracing new challenges and learning from some of the best leaders and innovators.

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Experiential Opportunities

Although NSW Health organisations work to shared policies and guidelines, there are differences in the way each organisation operates, and particularly how their Finance, Procurement, and Asset Management functions are delivered to deliver services and outcomes for the people of NSW.

As the evidence indicates that more than 70% of learning is done in the workplace, the Academy supports a range of opportunities for experiential learning.

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The Academy supports organisations that offer and provide work placements to Finance, Procurement and Asset Management staff to get experience in organisations that operate differently to theirs. The following types of organisations are offering work placements:

  • NSW Health shared services
  • Metropolitan Local Health Districts
  • Regional Local Health Districts
  • Other NSW Government and external organisations


Nationally accredited courses relevant for Finance, Procurement and Asset Management staff may include: