Strengthening Foundations Professional Development Program

This program supports the development of health professionals working with Aboriginal clients and communities within the following contexts:

  • The Aboriginal Maternal and Infant Health Service (AMIHS)
  • The Building Strong Foundations for Aboriginal Children, Families and Communities Program (BSF)
  • Other healthcare providers working with Aboriginal clients either independently or in partnership with the AMIHS and/ or BSF services

The Strengthening Foundations Program is comprised of a combination of:

  • One face-to-face workshop:
    • The Strengthening Foundations workshop
  • Four eLearning modules specific to Aboriginal Maternal and Child Health:
    • Working with Aboriginal mothers & families (Module 1)
    • Emotional health of mothers & children (Module 2)
    • Health & wellbeing during pregnancy (Module 3)
    • Supporting healthy babies & children (module 4)


Completion of the Strengthening Foundations program will support staff to develop the skills and knowledge they need in order to be effective in their practice with Aboriginal women, children and families. It is recommended the program is completed in conjunction with other courses and in the following order:

1.     Aboriginal Culture - Respecting the Difference

eLearning (HETI Online) and local workshop

2.    Strengthening Foundations Workshop 

Face-to-face  -  to be completed as early as possible after commencing a position in an AMIHS/BSF program. Timing will depend on availability

3.    Working with Aboriginal Women, Children & Families

eLearning - Strengthening Foundations Module 1 (HETI Online)

4.    Supporting Families Early (SFE) and SAFE START Assessment

Online training (NSW Health)

5.    Child Protection

eLearning (HETI Online)

6.    Emotional health of mothers & children

eLearning - Strengthening Foundations Module 2 (HETI Online)

7.    Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

eLearning (HETI Online)

8.    Health & wellbeing during pregnancy

eLearning - Strengthening Foundations Module 3 (HETI Online)

9.    Supporting healthy babies & children

eLearning - Strengthening Foundations Module 4 (HETI Online)


The eLearning modules can be accessed through HETI Online using your stafflink login details. Click the links on the right hand side for more information about the courses and for the link to HETI Online.

  1. Log on to MyHealth Learning.
  2. In the Catalogue field in the top left corner select Search and then type 'Strengthening Foundations.' Click the Search button.
  3. The search results are displayed. Click 'Learning Path - Strengthening Foundations'.
  4. The course is displayed in a new screen. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to see the four modules. Select the Module you wish to undertake. Click the Play button to launch the module.

For more information on the workshops and to register, please email