Strategic Time Management

Be more efficient. Be more effective. Achieve more.

Good time management skills are important in increasing efficiency and effectiveness within NSW Health organisations, as well as improving staff wellbeing.

This course examines common workplace time-consuming activities. Participants develop planning strategies to accurately evaluate the time required for tasks. Relevant influencing and negotiation skills are developed to appropriately manage other people’s expectations of their work priorities.

Learning outcomes
  • Assess current time utilisation
  • Clarify objectives and prioritise tasks relevant to role
  • Develop strategies to manage procrastination
  • Carefully schedule time leading to increased productivity
  • Utilise resources for greater workplace efficiency
  • Apply principle of self-care and personal wellbeing to effectively manage priorities and responsibilities
  • NSW Health staff
  • Workshops are scheduled at the request of NSW Health organisations or participants can enrol in a centralised course
Duration and elements
  • 4 hour face-to-face workshop