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Understanding Resilience of Counsellors working publicly in Rural and Remote NSW

Susan is a Social Worker with over 20 years experience in Child Protection. Four years ago, she moved from statutory child protection to NSW Health when she took on the role of  Child Protection Counsellor in Bourke. This was her first experience working and living in a remote town.  Through this experience she became interested in looking at the resilience of workers in similar situations. As a 2019 RRCBP candidate she completed a qualitative study looking at resilience in sole practitioner counsellors working in rural and remote NSW towns.  Susan is now based at Orange Community Health.

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The factors that influence Drug and Alcohol Clinicians when referring Aboriginal clients to Involuntary Drug and Alcohol Treatment in NSW Health

Lynette is a Senior Drug and Alcohol Clinician, working in a statewide Involuntary Drug and Alcohol Treatment Unit, at Orange Health Service, Bloomfield campus. Lynette used a thematic inductive approach to examine factors that influence drug and alcohol clinicians when referring Aboriginal clients to involuntary drug and alcohol treatment in NSW Health.

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Investigating the Nutrition Dashboard’s ability to identify malnutrition in a large rural hospital

Erin is a dietitian at Armidale Rural Referral Hospital, Hunter New England Local Health District. As a 2019 RRCBP candidate she completed a retrospective observational study to compare a novel technology approach with existing malnutrition screening methods. ­­ She hopes the promising findings will  progress malnutrition research across NSW Health facilities.

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3D Printing in Radiation Oncology

A comparison study on using a 3D printer to create radiation therapy bolus of the nose compared to traditional methods using wax and thermoplastic

Andrew has been working in radiotherapy for seven years and is highly interested in the technical aspects of the job. After taking an interest in 3D printing, that quickly became integrated with his role as a radiotherapist. Based in Orange, NSW, Andrew has a deep passion for rural/remote communities.

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