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"Oxygen… you can't live without it": Perceptions of rural people using domiciliary oxygen

Tod Adams is employed as a Clinical Nurse Consultant and works in adult chronic respiratory medicine at Shoalhaven Memorial Hospital on the NSW south coast. She has recently been authorised by the Nurses and Midwives Board of NSW as a Nurse Practitioner. She holds a Masters in Nursing, and graduate certificates in aged care, coronary care and health management. She lives in the bush with her husband and two children and has an extensive bottle top collection.

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"It's growing food but it's also growing community" : A qualitative study on the perceived effects of participating in a community garden

Maryann Anderson has been working in Health Promotion in Australia for more than 17 years. Armed with a Bachelors Degree in the Social Sciences, a Masters in Education, and more than 10 years of experience in policy and community development in the health arena, she migrated from the Philippines to Australia in 1993. In addition to her current work, she is passionate about supporting community-based initiatives that help build social inclusion and inclusiveness. The Rural Research Capacity Building Program has opened the gateway to a project that is all about social inclusion.

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Research into practice: volunteers improving person centred dementia care in a rural hospital

Cath is a Registered Nurse with over 30 years of nursing experience and a passion for improving aged and dementia care. Since August 2007, Cath has worked in the position of Dementia Delirium (Acute) Clinical Nurse Consultant with Greater Southern Area Health Service and is completing her Research Masters studies.

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Feeding Healthy Food to Kids randomised control trial:  three month analysis

Kerith Duncanson is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian who works for HNE Health as a Community Nutritionist. Kerith is passionate about Childhood Nutrition and Aboriginal Health, and has conducted many and varied community based nutrition interventions in these settings.

Kerith is the winner of the Best Report Award for 2008 candidates.

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The impact of racism on the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal men: a culturally respectful research examination

Graham Fazio (Faz) is a Health Promotion Officer with Hunter New England Local Health District. Faz joined the RRCBP in 2008, and then working with colleagues and community members a research study emerged, one with much broader scope than would usually be considered, but with the support of the Health District, HETI and most importantly the Aboriginal community, the momentum gathered. This research examines the impact of racism on the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal men and belongs to the communities who shared their stories. The research team consisted of Lee Patterson, Greg Strong, Peter John Patterson, Garry Creighton, Ness Stewart, Peter O'Mara, Juanita Sherwood, Graham Fazio and Megan Freund.

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Rachael OBrien

Rural speech pathologists' perceptions of working with allied health assistants: A pilot study

Rachael is the senior speech-language pathologist at The Maitland Hospital in Hunter New England Health. Her clinical experience spans paediatrics, acute stroke, disability, rehabilitation and education. Rachael is passionate about improving access to speech-language pathology for rural communities. The Rural Research Capacity Building Program has inspired her to continue on to a research higher degree through the University of Newcastle.

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Rural casting services: what educational resources do clinicians prefer?

David Schmidt is a Physiotherapist who has worked his entire career in rural and regional areas in NSW and Tasmania. During his time in the program David was manager of a department spanning hospitals and community health centres in the Bega Valley region of NSW.

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Trajectories of alcohol use for rural participants in a courtbased illicit drug program (MERIT)

Christian is a case manager employed by North Coast Area Health to deliver drug and alcohol services with the courtbased "Magistrate's Early Referral into Treatment" (MERIT) program in Lismore. From a nursing and social science background, and following a decade-long detour via disability services, Christian returned 8 years ago to complete a full circle and resume work in drug and alcohol. The opportunity provided by IRCST to conduct his own research project has focused Christian on issues specific to rural health.

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Recombinant Tissue Plasminogen Activator (rt-PA) utilisation by rural clinicians in ischaemic stroke: A survey of barriers and enablers

Jocelyn Williams is an Accredited Practising Dietitian. She is employed by the Acute Stroke Unit in Wagga Wagga as the Specialist Stroke Dietitian. She also runs a private dietetic practise, Shaping Solutions Food Management. Jocelyn is particularly interested in stroke, including acute treatments and secondary prevention with lifestyle modification.

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