The Intern Guide

A resource for junior doctors, their educators and supervisors

An initiative of the Medical Portfolio Programs Review (MPPR) 

The Intern Guide aims to facilitate workplace learning, teaching and assessment during the Postgraduate Year 1 (PGY1). It is a resource for interns, their supervisors, Directors of Prevocational Education and Training (DPETs) and other medical educators. The Guide is aligned to the National Intern Training - Intern Outcome statements that interns need to achieve for general registration as a medical practitioner

The Guide provides:

  • Learning outcomes that describe component knowledge, skills and attitudes of each of the National Intern Training - Intern Outcome statements
  • Broad strategies for workplace teaching, learning and assessment
  • Topic lists that contribute further detail on content to be covered for each of the Intern Outcome Statements.
  • Linkages between learning outcomes across the different Intern Outcome statements indicating areas where learning and/or assessment can be combined.
  • The Guide is an interactive PDF allowing you to move easily between different sections.

The Intern Guide and related resources

The Intern Guide Video

This short video explains how to navigate the Intern Guide and how it can best be used to support workplace learning and assessment during the intern year.

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