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Establishment of Assessment Review Committees

The AMC requires that “the intern training program establishes  an assessment review group to assist with more complex remediation and  assessment decisions for interns who do not achieve satisfactory  supervisor assessments.”

For Prevocational Training Providers this will mean that an assessment review committee will need to be established by the beginning of the 2015 clinical year.

Prevocational Training Providers are also required to have a  transparent process in place for individual trainees, who wish to appeal  an unsatisfactory term assessment.

Further information on this change can be found on the AMC’s website.

At a minimum, Prevocational Training Providers are required to have a  local or network based committee which reviews contentious or appealed  assessment decisions for trainees.

However Prevocational Training Providers may also consider other models, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Prevocational Training Provider Based – review all assessment decisions (including appeals) at the end of each term.
  • Prevocational Training Provider Based – review all assessment  decisions and all general registration decisions at end of intern year.  Appeals are reviewed as required.
  • Network based – review only contentious or appealed assessment decisions for trainees within the entire Network.

Possible Committee Members might include:

  • Director of Prevocational Education and Training
  • General Clinical Training Committee, Chair
  • Network Committee for Prevocational Training, Chair
  • Director of Training (Physician, Surgery, Emergency, etc.)
  • JMO manager
  • Director of Medical Services
  • Independent Clinician
  • JMO nominated representative

For assistance please contact the Program Coordinator Dawn Webb on 9844 6554 or