The Australian Medical Council (AMC)

The Australian Medical Council (AMC) has been responsible in recent years for ensuring nationally that the standards of education, training and assessment of the medical profession promote and protect the health of the Australian Community.  The AMC is now accrediting the prevocational space, to ensure that all medical graduates across Australia achieve general medical registration using standardised education, training and assessment processes.

Prevocational Training Providers accredited by HETI will need to make changes to ensure they meet the AMC’s requirements for intern training providers.

HETI is currently reviewing the Prevocational Accreditation Standards to ensure they reflect the AMC’s requirements.

All sites providing prevocational training will need to ensure that they review their own processes to ensure they comply with the AMC’s requirements.

Below are the key changes required to be made by Prevocational Training Providers. Please note that this is only a list of the most significant changes required. On these pages you will find resources which HETI has developed to support networks in meeting the required changes.

HETI has been granted initial accreditation as the intern training accreditation authority for NSW.

HETI will continue to accredit Postgraduate Year Two positions as per current arrangements.

HETI will monitor each Prevocational Training Providers progress towards the implementation of the AMC’s National Intern Training Accreditation Framework by 2015 through Network reporting at meetings of Network Committees on Prevocational Training.

Please contact HETI’s Prevocational Medical Training Unit on 02 9844 6551 for further information and refer back to this website for updates about progressive changes to meet the national standards.