Information for JMOs

This information is to assist Junior Doctors during their prevocational training.

The Junior Doctor Orientation information is a useful page equipped with links, contacts and downloadable documents that will assist Junior Doctors during their prevocational training.

Throughout the two years of prevocational training in NSW hospitals all Junior Doctors will be assessed using the NSW Prevocational Assessment Forms. This page also provides support information to assist you in completing the forms and who to speak to if you have an enquiry.

Please use our Contact Us page for information on hospital, network and HETI contacts.

Our publications page has many resources specifically aimed at supporting junior doctors and education within NSW Hospitals.

If you are a Junior Doctor currently in your PGY1 or PGY2 year and have any questions about HETI or anything else please contact your JMO Forum representative or HETI staff.

For information on applying for Internship please visit HETIs Internship page.

Other useful resources for Junior Doctors:

Clinical Supervision Training Space

A Guide to Working Abroad for Australian Medical Students and Junior Doctors

NSW Prevocational Training Awards


Director of Prevocational Education and Training (DPET)

Directors of Prevocational Education and Training (DPET) are responsible for providing medical leadership and oversight of the prevocational training period in the facility in which they work. In fulfilling this role, the DPET is responsible for the education, training, supervision and welfare of junior doctors during the first two years of medical practice.

Term Supervisor

Term supervisors are senior clinicians who are responsible, at the unit or term level, for the education, training and assessment of prevocational trainees. The term supervisor is responsible for the welfare of prevocational trainees allocated to their term.