Frequently asked questions

Yes, you should update the term description to reflect the new term supervisor and submit it to the PAC for reaccreditation.

DPETs are a vital part of the support structure for JMO’s; it is a requirement that if DPETs or other key staff (i.e. term supervisor, JMO Manager) are going to be absent for more than 4 weeks that HETI is notified. This is a very simple process; an email to your HETI Program Coordinator will suffice.

HETI has numerous resources for JMO Managers and other staff (for example, DPET Assistants and Education Support Officers) who are involved in the education and training of prevocational trainees. Have a look at the JMO Managers Guide and other useful publications on our Publications page and feel free to call and introduce yourself to your program coordinator. The contact details of the Program Coordinators (including which prevocational training networks they coordinate) are available.

HETI recommends you raise this issue with your term supervisor and explain that you would like some more support and supervision. If you don’t feel like there are any improvements speak to the DPET at your hospital and explain the situation. The DPET should be able to escalate the issue and hopefully some changes can be made to improve the supervision in the term.

If you still have concerns and limited efforts are being made to address your concerns please address them again with your JMO Manger and/or DPET. Please then notify HETI in writing as per the requirements of the Notification of a Departure from the Standards.

Refer to the Guide to Completing the Term Description Template. If you still are unsure, please contact your Program Coordinator.

The survey process requires Providers to attach all the evidence listed on the Prevocational Education and Training Accreditation Survey Evidence List. The survey report template has been designed to be easy for Providers to complete, Providers should already have all the evidence required on file; this is why making comments is optional.

Please see our How to Get Involved page for information about opportunities to get involved.

Speak with your JMO Manager if you or a colleague is experiencing difficulty in the workplace.

The Doctor’s Health Advisory Service provides telephone and online support for JMOs in difficulty. The NSW Hotline number is 9437 6552 and is a dedicated service open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. is a helpful website hosting many methods of combating stress as well as initiatives directed at supporting junior doctors.

Please contact the My Health Learning Coordinator for your LHD and discuss the issue with them.

If you are a NSW Public hospital please contact HETI staff using our Contact Us page. If you are a in a private facility or not in NSW please send a request to HETI staff through our Contact Us page to organise this purchase.

HETI has a range of products designed to support education within NSW health facilities which can be used across other states and centres. These are available for download through our Publications Page. Alternatively Contact the Prevocational Education team for more information.

You can download and print forms from our Publications page. Alternitavely,  the NSW Prevocational Assessement Forms page hosts the forms and supporting documents which will guide you through the process of using the forms correctly.

Please contact your hospitals Director of Prevocational Education and Training to organise a discussion about becoming a supervisor. Additionally you may like to read the Medical Superguide which outlines the opportunities and responsibilities of supervision prevocational trainees.