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Transition Year

Following the AST year a trainee undertakes a period of skills consolidation and gains further clinical experience in their advanced skill specialty. The timing of the transition and consolidation years is dependent upon when a trainee completes the AST year in relation to the community general practice training.


Once a trainee has successfully completed the AST year, and been awarded the relevant qualification from the related College, they apply to a LHD for a contract as a Visiting Medical Officer to practice medicine in the area of their advanced skills training while they continue to work toward completing the requirements of general practice training. The volume of work available depends on the clinical service needs within particular LHDs, however the RGTP and general practice training providers work together with the LHDs to maximise opportunities for co-location of general practice training with opportunities to continue to work in the advanced skills area.

It is acknowledged that the period immediately post the AST year represents a critical time of skills consolidation. To this end, every endeavour is made to assist trainees in identifying and optimising opportunities to practice in their advanced skills area and work with all partners to ensure appropriate supervision for advanced skills practice is managed so that trainees are supported from ‘training under supervision’ to independent practice.