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Foundation Year

Join Rural Generalist Foundation Year Program

The RG Foundation Year (year one) provides an introduction to the program and the opportunity for trainees to be supported in the program and their rural locations.

Primary entry to the RGTP for most junior doctors is in their PGY2 year to undertake the RG Foundation Year.  This means that the majority of junior doctors apply for the RGTP in their PGY1 year.  Trainees already undertaking general practice training may also join the RG Foundation Year.

Activities during the RG Foundation Year include:

  • Two-day orientation workshop convened by the RGTP, held in March each year
  • Access to Program and mentor support with career and training advice
  • Additional weekend workshops convened by the RGTP
  • Structured education sessions (webinars, teleconferences)
  • Mid-point discussions and vocational review with Regional Directors of Training


Following successful completion of the RG Foundation Year, junior doctors may progress to advanced skills training year if deemed ready or proceed to community general practice training and defer advanced skills training for a year.

During the RG Foundation Year, senior clinicians involved in the RGTP undertake an assessment of a trainee’s readiness to progress to the AST year. This assessment is largely formative and includes a determination on whether a trainee has the requisite knowledge, skills and professional maturity to successfully complete the AST year.

Further information about the assessment of readiness to progress to the AST year is available in the Trainees Guide to the Rural Generalist Foundation Year. (Link to Guide)

While lateral entry to AST positions is possible, priority is given to those trainees who have completed a Foundation Year with the RGTP and meet the above eligibility requirements to proceed to advanced skills training.