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Advanced Skills Training

Apply for Rural Generalist Advanced Skills Training

The Advanced Skills Training undertaken during the RGTP leads to a formal qualification, overseen by the relevant College and ultimately allows a medical practitioner to be credentialed by a Local Health District (LHD) to provide those particular advanced skills within a public health facility.

A fundamental principle of the RGTP is that advanced skills training is generally undertaken in regional or remote areas, although all terms are required to be accredited by the relevant College.

Occasionally, the relevant College may deem that a component of AST training is required to be undertaken in a metropolitan facility. Impacted trainees should consult with the Statewide Director and relevant College for further information.

Rural LHDs within NSW actively support and participate in the RGTP program. Each year, depending on local medical workforce and clinical service needs, rural LHDs identify potential AST positions and make recommendations to HETI. Given clinical service needs, the location of AST positions may change from year to year.