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Education Program

A key aspect of the Rural Generalist Medical Training Program (RGTP) is the procedural and emergency medicine focused education that supports trainees to prepare and undertake AST.

The RGTP education and support activities complement those provided by the Local Health Districts (LHDs) and the Regional Training Organisations (RTOs).  The RGTP activities are not intended to duplicate those provided by LHDs and RTOs.


Each year an orientation program is provided to all RGTP trainees commencing on the training program.


The RGTP conduct workshops for RG Foundation Year trainees as well as workshops for trainees undertaking the AST year.

Each year the NSW Rural Doctors Network convenes an intensive weekend workshop aimed at providing continuing professional development for procedural general practitioners working in rural communities. The focus of the workshop, which alternate year about, is either anaesthetics or obstetrics.

RG trainees may be eligible for financial assistance to support attendance at these workshops. Further information can be obtained by contacting HETI program staff.


An education program is provided specifically for RG trainees, with a focus on topics relevant to rural and remote procedural general practice. These education sessions are delivered via webinars.


All RG trainees have access to support and advice from experienced procedural general practitioners and HETI program staff for the duration of their training.


Associate Professor Kathleen Atkinson is an experienced rural general practitioner, and is responsible for providing strategic advice and leadership to the program. A key role is to ensure alignment of the RGTP with service requirements, workforce needs and future employment opportunities in the rural LHDs.

Associate Professor Kathleen Atkinson meets with trainees at intervals throughout the program and is available to be contacted at other times for advice and support.


Medical Educators advise on the development of the RGTP education program and provide clinical and professional guidance to trainees.

Medical Educators meet with trainees at education events and are available to be contacted at other times for advice and support.


During the program RG trainees are provided opportunities to meet with other RG trainees, network and attend training together. This has an additional benefit for RG trainees in fostering peer support and the development of collegiate relationships that have the capacity to extend well beyond the duration of the training program itself.

The RGTP Education Calendar

RG Foundation Year Education Program Outline