Tailoring for each delivery site

The HLP relies on an effective partnership between the LHDN and the HETI Leadership team. This is integral to program success. The program has core elements and objectives, however it also allows room for tailoring to the specific leadership and strategic challenges facing the participant LHDN taking part. The nature of this optional content is determined by a Steering Committee, set up to identify the specific learning outcomes and strategic goals for the particular site. This allows for application of learning to real and current issues, resulting in more meaningful and applicable learning.

The Steering Committee determine specific additional objectives and tasks for the tailored version of each program. The Steering Committee has both HETI staff and senior local staff. This is the group that nominates local facilitators to assist learning.

The Steering Committee, HETI Program Manager/s, Local Program Lead, and when appropriate, the local facilitators, will continue meet during the delivery phase of the program to consider feedback and make adjustments to the program as required.