Participants may be drawn from a wide cross section of health and there will be a mix of people in management roles as well as clinicians. It is part of the central belief of the program that leadership can and is exercised with and without positional authority, and it is crucial to the program structure for clinicians and managers to be working alongside each other on strategic and leadership challenges.

Because you have been selected due to your potential as a leader, you are expected to approach the training with a degree of autonomy and self-motivation.

There is opportunity for deep learning in the HLP program. What you put into the program will correspond with what you take out of it. The emphasis is very much on adult learning - individually and jointly taking charge of your own learning.

There is about an hour of pre-reading / videos or assessment tools prior to each workshop, and then you are expected to also meet with your X Team for up to 2 hours in between each workshop, as well as for 1 – 1.5 hours with your Leadership Development Triangle between each workshop. This averages out to about an hours commitment each week, outside of workshop attendance. Because of the real life strategic challenges your X Team is working on progressing, while applying your learning, there will sometimes be tasks that you will progress on behalf of your X Team in between workshops. The time commitment for this will vary depending on the tasks involved.