Multi layered learning process

The NSW Health Leadership Program is experienced on a range of levels, beyond the usual focus on participants. Learning is paralleled at each level of involvement. The ‘traditional’ participants, those enrolled in the program, are the main target for learning and progression of leadership principles across their service. However, the program explicitly recognises that there are other participants in the process, who while decision makers, are also parallel learners. This includes the Steering Committee, Sponsors, the HETI Leadership team, Facilitators and yourselves as enrolled participants.

If all layers of those involved do not expand their knowledge and understanding of leadership principles and issues during their involvement with the program, then we have not completed our job.

This professional development is aimed at an organisational as well as an individual level. Part of the purpose is to ensure that those in strategic positions of influence are well versed in the same leadership theories and principles as those who are enrolled. This provides a form of vertically consistent leadership, where the promoted values operate and are understood at multiple layers of the organisations.

The program overall is based in both adult learning and leadership theories, which will be outlined in the two day orientation.