Minimum requirements

  • Attendance at 80% of all activities, including Workshops, X Team Meetings and Leadership Development Triangle. Workshop 1 is compulsory as it introduces Foundational Concepts. If someone wishes to join the program but misses Workshop 1, they need to apply to the Steering Committee, and it is likely they will need to undertake additional reading.
  • Phase 2: Team completion of Strategic Challenge Briefing (format supplied) and Short reflection on the triangle set up process and ways of working (250 words)
  • Phase 4: X Team Group Strategic challenge progress report and individual reflection on how their group triangle is evolving over time and how they are evaluating their effectiveness (250 words)
  • Phase 7: Group presentation of X Team progress, outcomes, and key learning. Short reflection on what they have learnt as a Triangle and how this may be applied in their workplace (250 words)