Blended Learning Course Delivery

The delivery phase of the course is offered over a period of 9-10 months and has seven phases. There is an initial period of online reading and learning, followed by a series of seven workshops. Each workshop includes some time for a group Action Learning Meeting (called an X Team), a Leadership Development Meeting (Triangle), and content delivery. In between the workshops there are reading tasks, reflection and learning tools. The X Teams also meet to progress strategic tasks.

The Seven Phases of the program include a Foundational Session (Phase 1) and Consolidating and Planning (Phase 7) section. The other five phases correspond with the five domains of the NSW Health Leadership Framework: Achieving Outcomes; Developing and leading self; Engaging people and building relationships; Partnering and collaborating across boundaries; and Transforming the system.

Pre - Program Materials: On line Introduction

Upon registration, and prior to the first workshop, you will have been given access to the pre-course materials that have been uploaded for your specific version of the program. If you have had any difficulty accessing these, please let your facilitator know.

Delivery Phases 1 - 7

During the Delivery phase, you will attend a workshop about every six weeks. In between there is pre reading for the next phase and your action learning team will meet. You will be allocated to an X Team team prior to Workshop One.

Each Phase involves:

  • Pre – reading (online)
  • A One Day Workshop, during which the X Team meets
  • A further X Team Meeting

The Pre-reading will vary in length and focus, but will be linked to the learning objectives for that phase. You will either receive their pre reading at the preceding workshop, or it will be made available to you online.

Key to the program is the application of ideas to real life strategic and leadership challenges. To facilitate this application, each workshop contains time for you to meet as part of an allocated Action Learning Team (X Team). These are the teams that also meet in between each workshop to progress your agreed strategic challenge.

A further opportunity for application of the leadership concepts and tools is provided through smaller ‘Leadership Development Triangles’.

Each Workshop has a standard format that includes:

  • Content delivery
  • A presentation from a local leader, and
  • Group work activities
  • Peer learning activities