NSW Health Leadership Program

The NSW Health Leadership Program (HLP) is an organisational development intervention supporting an organisation’s strategic transformation initiative.

Participants work on strategic challenges while they develop their capacity to collaborate, consider multiple perspectives and adaptively lead, regardless of their positional level or authority.

The Program is underpinned by the five Leadership Domains in the NSW Health Leadership and Management Framework, designed as a catalyst for developmental change in individuals and as a scaffold for the construction of new forms of leadership in health care organisations. Accompanying these domains are the core concepts of adaptive, collective, and relational leadership.

Learning outcomes
  • Engage in leadership action to assist in the achievement of outcomes for excellence in patient care and service delivery
  • Practice self-development activities to grow personal leadership capability
  • Collaborate with people from the work environment and build relationships to progress complex strategic challenges
  • Partner and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders across professional boundaries to enhance inter-professional problem solving and  generate innovative solutions
  • Participate in adaptive, relational and collective leadership action to anticipate and effectively address complex challenges to positively transform the system
  • Cross section of NSW Health staff within an organisation
  • The Program is delivered internally, within participating NSW Health organisations
Duration and elements
  • 9-12 months implementation
  • Ongoing sustainability
  • 7 face-to-face workshops
  • Online leadership instruments
  • Strategic Challenge Teams
  • Leadership Development Triangles
  • Evaluation
Course requirements

    Entry requirements at discretion of participating NSW Health organisation