Courses and programs

NSW Health Leadership Program

NSW Health Leadership Program (HLP) is a hospital-based, nine month program designed to build individual, team and system-wide leadership capacity in achieving outcomes for patients and service agreements and bringing about transformational change. Designed as a collaboration between executives and clinicians, the HLP aims to help create hospitals recognised as across-the-board exemplars of excellence.

The program comprises a range of immersive learning experiences and resources, including action learning teams focused on identified local strategic priorities, small group leadership development work, workshops, readings and online instruments.

The NSW HLP will provide participants with the opportunity to:
  1. Engage in leadership action to assist in the achievement of outcomes for excellent patient care and service delivery
  2. Engage in self-development activities to grow their personal leadership capability
  3. Engage with people from their immediate work environment and build relationships to promote progress on complex strategic challenges
  4. Partner and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders across professional boundaries to enhance inter-professional problem solving and generate innovative solutions
  5. Engage in collective leadership action to anticipate and effectively address complex challenges to positively transform the system