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Mentoring for Financial Management

A mentor-mentee partnership is a reciprocally beneficial management relationship, developing individuals
and organisations.

A strong mentoring partnership can assist individuals to learn wiser and quicker, with the mentee learning from the mentor’s wisdom
and avoiding pitfalls previously experienced. The partnership complements training and can provide a subjective insight into the challenges of financial management. This
facilitated exchange of views provides both parties a fresh insight into financial management.

The Mentoring for Financial Management model aims to:

  • Clarify the roles and responsibilities within a mentoring partnership.
  • Evaluate and address areas for development within the mentoring partnership.
  • Develop effective cost centre management skills and demonstrate how to respond efficiently and effectively to challenges and concerns.
  • Develop an understanding of where to access ongoing support.

Mentoring is an important management tool and when used effectively can:

  • Transform workplace cultures.
  • Create a strong learning environment.
  • Develop local models of collaboration.
  • Be a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas and solutions.
  • Increase connectedness of financial managers within the organisation.
  • Understand the importance of self-care and personal wellbeing to effectively manage
    priorities and responsibilities.

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  • 5 to 6 weeks
  • Half day introductory mentoring workshop
  • 4 x 30 minute video webinars organised by HETI in partnership with the NSW
    Health organisation
  • 3 mentor/mentee meetings, these can be in person or via teleconference,
    organised by the NSW Health organisation
  • Please note: This course is adaptable for locally contextualised case studies to
    reflect the context of the organisation, contact the Management Development
    Unit to discuss your organisation's needs
Locations and frequency
  • Workshops are delivered throughout the year at the request of NSW Health
  • Contact the Management Development Unit for more details 02 9844 6136 or
  • Finance representatives
  • Business managers
Learning Outcomes
  • Apply the principles of mentoring in a financial management context
  • Establish and manage the roles and responsibilities of a mentor and mentee
    within a mentoring partnership
  • Integrate the NSW Health CORE Values and the implications of these to the
    mentoring relationship
  • Formulate strategies to effectively facilitate mentee development in relation
    to financial management
  • Identify the personal attributes required for effective mentorship