Important information about visas

Information for visa holders regarding Medical Internship in NSW – 2019

As at April 2018 the following information is relevant for medical graduates who will be seeking internships in NSW for the 2019 clinical year.

NSW Ministry of Health advises that temporary visa holders will not be treated as permanent residents for the purposes of determining which priority group they belong to in the NSW Health Priority List for intern recruitment.

International full-fee paying medical graduates are able to apply for medical internship with the following temporary visas:

  • Student Visa (TU500)
  • Student visa (TU573)
  • Visa that allows applicant to work in Australia (TU573)
  • Temporary visa holders (309 and 820 visa holders)
  • Be able to obtain a visa

Applicants who hold visas not included in this list will need to contact HETI via

Temporary visa holders (including 309 and 820 visa holders) who are graduates of a NSW university are in priority group 4 and those who are graduates of interstate or New Zealand universities are in priority group 5.

Applicants for whom residency status changes, from temporary to permanent resident after PTAP has closed are treated on a case by case basis and can be moved into a new priority category.