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Allocation process

Allocation Process

Submit application

Submit supporting documents and network preferences by close of applications to be considered complete.

If applying for Extenuating Circumstances or through the AMW pathway additional information will be required.

Applicants applying for the RPR pathway must also submit separate application/s for every hospital.

Applications reviewed

Applicants may be asked to provide corrected documents or additional information on review of application.

Applicants will receive email notification of progress to the next stage of the recruitment process.


All Category 1, successful RPR (Category 1 and 2) and successful AMW applicants will receive an offer in the first week of round one.

Subsequent vacancies are filled in order of the NSW Health Priority List within each pathway.

Offers accepted

Offers will be communicated to applicants by email and SMS.

Offers must be accepted or declined within 48 hours.

Offers automatically declined if not actioned within 48 hours.