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Managing Health Resources: A Foundation

Foster innovative and creative thinking to develop solutions to everyday resource challenges

  • Do you want to have a better understanding of financial jargon?
  • Do you want to contribute more to resource management discussions?
  • Have you identified staffing challenges but are unsure how to initiate change?
  • Do you want to develop more efficient processes and strategies?
  • Managing Health Resources: A Foundation is a four-hour workshop conducted locally in supportive group environments.
  • A great opportunity for individuals who make resourcing decisions to gain a basic understanding of financial reports and terminology.
  • Equips you with the skills and knowledge to develop financial integrity and accountability.
  • Flexible to suit the needs of individual organisations.

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Great introductory course, facilitated nicely between the external provider and local network business manager. Good base of information to build on going forward for this and future financial years. Great ideas regarding sharing budget with the team and applying CORE values to financial management.
Mid North Coast Local Health District Physiotherapist, November 2016
  • 4 hours
  • Half day face-to-face workshop
  • Optional eLearning - 1 module, approximately 20 minutes
Locations and frequency
  • Workshops are delivered throughout the year at the request of NSW Health organisations or participants can enrol in a centralised course
  • Contact the Management Development Unit for more details
    T: 02 9844 6136
  • Managers without delegation
  • Managers aspiring to cost centre management roles
  • Employees who have an impact on efficient, effective resource management
Learning Outcomes
  • Increase familiarity of financial terminology used within NSW Health
  • Interpret financial reports and accurately allocate expenses within cost centres
  • Model best practice principles of resource management within the workplace
  • Select and implement strategies to develop effective plans and processes to allow for more proactive efficiency in working practices