Managing Health Resources: A Foundation

HETI is re-developing this course to a virtual format. NSW Health organisations will be notified once enrolments are available. Register your interest via the Course Enquiry button.

An increasing focus on fiscal management means NSW Health employees require the skills and knowledge to ensure and promote financial integrity and accountability.

Using NSW Health scenarios and team-based activities, participants develop strategies and skills to improve decision making about rostering, procurement and other expenditure related processes.

The course can be tailored to the strategic needs of individual NSW Health organisations. The content provides an opportunity for employees who make resourcing decisions to gain a basic understanding of financial reports and terminology.

This is a foundation course. Cost-centre managers or managers with some knowledge and experience of managing a cost centre are recommended to enrol in the Financial Management Essentials course.

Learning outcomes
  • Increase familiarity of financial terminology used within NSW Health
  • Interpret financial reports and accurately allocate expenses within cost centres
  • Model best practice principles of resource management within the workplace
  • Select and implement strategies to develop effective plans and processes to allow for more proactive efficiency in working practices
  • Support cost-centre managers in a risk management approach to managing finance within NSW Health
  • NSW Health staff
  • Workshops are scheduled at the request of NSW Health organisations or participants can enrol in a centralised course
Duration and elements
  • 4 hour face-to-face workshop
  • Optional eLearning - 1 module, approximately 20 minutes