Emotional Intelligence In Practice

This active one-day workshop allows you to grow your capabilities to effectively communicate, accurately perceive emotions and use emotional intelligence to grow your people management skills.

Growth mindset principles and mindfulness strategies are utilised to increase your ability to identify the impact of own emotions on others and model emotionally intelligent behaviours. You will receive a leader/manager profile analysis tool which is used to reflect on your management style.

The tool is applied throughout the workshop to explore how your emotional intelligence can continually be developed. The tool will also help you consider the ways your colleagues approach work and provide suggestions to collaboratively meet the demands of different projects across the organisation.

For more information on course availabilities in your area contact us at HETI-Management@health.nsw.gov.au

  • 1 day
  • Face-to-face workshop
Locations and Frequency
  • Workshops are delivered throughout the year at the request of NSW Health organisations or participants can enrol in a centralised course
  • Contact the Management Development Unit for more details
    T: 02 9844 6136
    E: HETI-Management@health.nsw.gov.au
  • NSW Health employees currently in management roles or team leader roles
  • Staff acting in management roles
Learning Outcomes
  • Define emotional intelligence and its application to management in NSW Health
  • Articulate the importance of emotional intelligence in managing, building and maintaining effective teams
  • Apply emotional intelligence and growth mindset approaches to analyse and
    improve team communication and performance
  • Moderate own emotions with an active awareness
  • Apply emotional intelligence principles to deliver effective feedback