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Training Networks

There are five Emergency Medicine Networks for around 600 ACEM registered Emergency Medicine trainees in NSW; each with between 60-120 trainees spread over 6 to 10 hospitals. Each network has a Network Director of Training, Co-Network Director of Training and an Education Support Officer. Please click here to view the five Emergency Medicine Networks and contacts.

The Emergency Medicine State Training Council (EMSTC) provides oversight of the network training program in NSW. The EMSTC was established in 2010 and includes representation from Emergency Medicine physicians, the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM), NSW Health, Local Health Districts (LHDs) and HETI.

EMSTC Membership

  • Dr Jon Hayman (Chair)
  • Dr Reza Ali
  • Dr Nicholas Lelos
  • Dr Cameron Dart
  • Dr Fenton O’Leary
  • Ms Lyn Johnson
  • Ms Tamara Lee
  • Ms Carla Brogden

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