CORE Chat For Managers

A manager’s role in building team culture is vital. Their leadership in this area impacts team dynamics, engagement and performance.

Participants explore approaches for leading and managing with empathy and transparency.

Identifying potential leadership styles, consideration is given to the various impacts these can have on culture within an organisation. Creating a supportive environment through authentic relationships can achieve connection, common vision and interdependent action.

There is a deep dive into coaching conversations, utilising powerful questioning and simulated conversations to develop a manager’s coaching toolkit over time

Learning outcomes
  • Demonstrate how to define and enhance a culture that supports a CORE chat environment
  • Practise applying concepts of relational leadership that support CORE
  • Demonstrate an understanding of barriers to behaviour change and approaches to take
  • NSW Health managers or staff acting in a role with people management responsibilities
  • The workshops are delivered online using Zoom to connect participants across locations state-wide.
Duration and elements
  • 2 hour virtual classroom
  • Requirements:

  • These workshops are designed for staff to participate in online group discussions via an individual computer, not in a shared physical setting with other participants
  • Technology: 

  • Computer/ laptop
  • Webcam
  • Audio (computer speakers or headphones) and Microphone or call in via phone
  • Fast and reliable internet connection
  • Location:

  • A quiet space to work individually without disruptions
Course requirements
  • CORE Chat: Our Values in Action is a prerequisite for this course