Highwire Training and Development Pty Ltd (CO18/42)

Contract Title: Provision of services  for the facilitation of education programs

Name and business address of contractor/consultant:

Highwire Training and  Development Pty Ltd

31 Gilbert Street,
Gilberton, SA, 5081
ABN of  contractor/consultant:ABN 81 161 676 188
Contract Number: CO18/42
Particulars of the project to be undertaken: Provision of services for the facilitation of education programs
Contract Effective date:27 February 2018
Contract End date: 27 February 2023
Other private sector entities involved in, with an interest in, or benefiting from this Contract: (include sub-contractors, consortium partners, etc): Nil
Contract Value:$163,607.00 (excluding GST) as at 23/03/2020
Contract Value type:

Time and Materials with  flexible engagement (through the NSW Performance and Management Services Scheme  – SCM0005) at the sole discretion of HETI.

Description of any Operational or Maintenance Services provisions:n/a
Procurement Method:

Sourced under the rules of  the NSW Government Performance and Management Services prequalification scheme  number SCM0005.

Description of any provision under which the amount payable to the contractor may be varied: The contract value is variable under the Performance and Management Services Scheme SCM0005.
Description of any provision under which the Contract may be renegotiated: n/a
Disclosure Class: Class 1