eHealth (CO16/140)

Name and business address of contractor/consultant:


PO Box 1770
Chatswood NSW 2067 ABN: 19 178 923 624

Contract Number: CO16/140
Particulars of the project to be undertaken: Develop an online system for Prevocational Medical Accreditation in NSW
Contract Effective date:4 October 2016
Contract End date: 27 October 2017
Other private sector entities involved in, with an interest in, or benefiting from this Contract: (include sub-contractors, consortium partners, etc):Nil
Contract Value:$340,000 (Including GST) estimate
Contract Value type:Estimated contract life
Description of any Operational or Maintenance Services provisions:n/a
Procurement Method:Procurement Panel
Description of any provision under which the amount payable to the contractor may be varied: Contract value is maximum amount payable
Description of any provision under which the Contract may be renegotiated: n/a
Disclosure Class: Class 1