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Placement Models and Opportunities

Support placements in Aboriginal health settings: A Mapping Project Information to facilitate future student placements in Aboriginal health settings in the Southern NSW region. Mapping Report
Developing collaborative interprofessional learning experiences using simulation. The Randwick Interprofessional Educators (RIPE) delivered a set of resources to support student learning of other health professional roles and team communication. An interprofessional, simulation based, student education program was developed and run for nursing, allied health and medical students. It includes a guide and resources on interprofessional learning, simulation based scenarios, keys to developing scenarios and a guide to debriefing post-simulation.

Presentations: Project background, Interprofessional Education, Scenario ste up, Briefing, Debriefing


Core competencies for interprofessional practice

A model for interprofessional student placements in community settings. The Specialist Integrated Community Engagement (SpICE) is an innovative interprofessional learning and supervision model to increase clinical placement capacity in non-traditional settings. Guide
Student-led interprofessional health care clinic for chronic disease management. This project outlines the development and implementation of a student led clinic in South Eastern Sydney.

Final Report

Scoping Report

Handbook 1

Orientation Manual - Supervisor

Orientation Manual - Student

Developing clinical placements in aged care This project report outlines the development, implementation and evaluation of a clinical placement program pilot in the aged care sector on the North Coast. Report
Placement opportunities for allied health students in aged care Mapping of aged care facilities in the Hunter and Coast region was undertaken to assess the opportunities for increased placements. Report
Placement opportunities in the Northern Sydney local health district Analysis of ways to increase student clinical placements in nursing, allied health and oral health. Report
Exploring the capacity for expanding clinical placements in the Riverina Identifies barriers and enablers to the expansion of clinical placement opportunities in a range of settings in the Riverina area. Report
A student run interprofessional primary health care clinic A feasibility study of a healthy aging clinic supported by students. Report
Cross Peer Mentoring Model This manual details a model for peer assisted and near-peer learning. Report
A Guide to an Interprofessional Learning and Supervision Model This Guide sets out the steps and processes for establishing an Interprofessional Learning and Supervision Model that may be of interest to others wishing to establish a clinical placement program in and with other schools.


Full Report

Team-based interprofessional learning in a primary health care setting.  A new interdisciplinary placement in an aged care setting was developed for students enrolled in the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree from the UNSW. Report
Using case management as an allied health clinical placement. This project explored whether allied health student placements could be successful under supervisors working in a case manager role. Report
Student placements in community managed mental health organisations Resources to support student placements in in community managed mental health organisations. Practice placement resources
A site specific model for nursing clinical placements Development of an optimal supervision model for Westmead hospital for nursing clinical placements Report
Using specialist clinics to provide team-based interprofessional learning placements Interprofessional placements were created in partnership with specialist clinics. Report
Expanding clinical placements with an interdisciplinary student health team model in schools A model for rapid expansion of clinical placements via the establishment of an interdisciplinary student health team based in schools in the south Tweed region. Report
Clinical Training in Regional, Rural and Remote NSW Research report into what attracts and motivates students to undertake clinical placements in rural and remote NSW facilities. Report
Clinical Placement Partnership Model Outlines a placement partnership model for nursing in Port Macquarie. report
Assessing the feasibility of an interprofessional nursing placement program Outlines the potential benefits of an interprofessional placement on the topic of medication safety. report
Student-led Practice Hub: Generating an Evaluative Research Proposal Outlines a student led clinic and and associated evaluation framework. report
Clinical Supervisor's role in interprofessional student clinical education Discusses the findings of a study to compare the roles of the clinical supervsior across disciplines. report
Community Organisation Directory: Tamworth, Armidale, Moree, Taree A listing of community organisations available for placements in the Tamworth, Armidale, Moree and Taree areas. directory
Scoping rural mental health clinical placements: Nursing and Social Work A mapping study to identify current placement activity in rural mental health settings and identify potential opportunities for increased placements. report
Increasing placements in the disability and non government sectors A range of presentations and panel discussions on clinical placements in the context of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Videos