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Clinical Supervision

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Supervision of students in the community and disability setting This project consulted with supervisors currently providing student placements in the private, community and disability settings. Supervisors provided insights into effective ways to manage students in these environments.

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Interprofessional learning activities for placement settingsA resource package that provides students, their supervisors and others the opportunity to capitalize on informal interprofessional learning opportunities that are present in most health, social care and human services workplaces.

Clinical Placements in General PracticeThis project resulted in the development of guides to support registered nurses in General Practice placement settings for the student and preceptor.

Student Handbook

Preceptor Handbook

Structured communication channels between health and education providersThis project delivered the MACRO Placement Action Framework which outlines the essential forecasting and communication strategies between health and education providers and the student.

MACRO Placement Action Plan

Mentoring in the nursing professionA workshop and resources developed to enhance clinical facilitation of mentorees.

Lesson plan


Electronically facilitated feedback in clinical supervision.Clinical educators and allied health students trialled the use of an iPad-delivered electronic feedback system for student assessment.

User Manual


Using case-based scenarios to supervise undergraduate and new graduate health professionals.An interprofessional learning program developed using clinical stories provided by health consumers, clinical supervisors, students and expert clinicians to enhance the learning experiences of students in rural practice contexts. The website links to external resources for further learning.Website
Clinical supervision for nursing and health service assistants working in non-acute and aged care settings.A program developed to train supervisors of  students undertaking aged care, health services assistant and enrolled nursing courses in independent, aged and non-acute health care settings.

Handbook 1

Handbook 2

Handbook 3

Clinical supervision training and interdisciplinary placements.A student placement model for Calvary Health Care Sydney was developed in addition to a supervision training program for clinical educators.


Development of a Clinical Supervisor Team NetworkImplemented blended interprofessional strategies within dentistry and health sciences in a polit network program.


Clinical supervision workshops for social workers in aged care and community services.Clinical supervision workshops designed to engage with existing and potential supervisors of student and new graduate social workers in aged care, retirement villages and community care settings in the non-government sector.

PPT Clinical Supervision - Activating supervision and learning 1

PPT Clinical Supervision - Activating supervision and learning 2

Clinical supervision training.The Sydney Adventist Hospital developed and implemented a clinical supervision training program to upskill staff and expand clinical placement capacity.

PPT Clinical Supervision - Interpersonal communication

PPT Clinical Supervision - Appraisal and assessment

PPT Clinical Supervision - Giving feedback and monitoring performance

PPT Clinical Supervision - Self-evaluation and reflection

PPT Clinical Supervision - Supervision and workload

Clinical supervision skills for interprofessional student clinical placements.A handbook for clinical supervision of allied health students developed to target professionals working in rural/remote, aged care, primary health and mental health practice settings.


A website for clinical educators A guide to assist teaching allied health, nursing and medical students developed for use in a range of clinical settings to encourage pre-placement communication. 


Measurement of quality in clinical placements.A literature review and critical appraisal of 'the quality of clinical placements' was completed. The report  contains the 5 key findings of the project. An endnote database of resources was also produced.  


Supervision in an interprofessional contextThe Supervision Training and Readiness (STAR) Program aimed to develop competent, skilled and knowledgeable clinical supervisors using a range of interprofessional education modules and a range of teaching methods.


Powerpoint Presentations:

Supervisor development

Clinical Supervision

Adult learning principles




Supervision and mentoring for junior medical officersA supervsion program (Residents as Teachers - RAST) was designed and training provided to upskill residents as clinical facilitators. residents run a standardised education and assessment program based on specific skill sets for junior medical officers.Handbook
Providing clinical supervision and placement experience for allied health assistants.Allied health assistants were trained in clinical supervision and successfully supported to facilitate student allied health assistants on clinical placement.Student Orientation Manual
‘ClinTeach’ A web-based supervision networking toolThe 'ClinTeach' website is a networking resource for clinical educators working with students involved in interprofessional learning placements. The website provides discipline updates, clinical protocols and an online forum.


Entrustable professional activities for medical students transitioning to professional practice.Entrustable professional activities were developed as a tool for supervisors to observe the performance of medical trainees in all training stages in the emergency department.

Entrustable professional activity - Fall

Entrustable professional activity - Chest Pain

Support for supervisors

This short resource provides some helpful tips to help you be a successful supervisor and get the most out of the placement.

Clinical placement booklet

A placement manual for undergraduate nurses in primary health care.An orientation manual was created to support nursing students in completing a placement in a primary health care setting.

Orientation Manual

Learning tool