About the Workplace Learning Grant Program

2022 Workplace Learning Program

Open from 15 July 2022 to 4 August 2022

The HETI Allied Health Workplace Learning (WPL) Program aims to provide financial support to groups of Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) and/or Allied Health Assistants (AHAs) seeking to further develop their knowledge and skills through workplace learning opportunities. Aboriginal Health Workers and Practitioners working in an allied health support role will also be included for the purposes of this grant.

Workplace Learning (WPL) is critical in building a capable health workforce through the development of work-specific knowledge and skills.  WPL can be formal or informal learning opportunities, activities or events and occur within teams/groups of AHPs and AHAs in the workplace.

Grant Streams

The WPL Program has two streams:

Workplace Learning Professional Development (WPLPD) Stream

The WPLPD stream has a focus on professional development activities that:

  • Are workplace and team based within on LHD or SHN
  • Focus on improvement or a change to workplace or clinical practice
  • Are linked to local unmet training needs of teams and workplaces
  • Demonstrate value for money (e.g. benefitting as many AHPs as possible)
  • Are a priority learning need for the LHD or SHN

Cross Boundary (CB) Grant Stream

The CB stream has a focus on cross boundary professional development that:

  • Addresses common learning needs across the state
  • Facilitates increased communication and collaboration across NSW
  • Enables a state-wide change in practice
  • Facilitates consistent learning across many AHPs within a professional group
  • May address specialist or complex learning needs that are only dealt with by a small number of clinicians across the state


The applications for both programs will be through MyHETIconnect.  If you do not already have an account/profile you will be prompted to create one. Once created this profile can be used for any HETI scholarships and grants that are available both this year and in future years. An application form will need to be uploaded as part of this online application. Please select either the Workplace learning application form or the Cross boundary application form to use. Please see the 2022 WPL Terms and Conditions.

Completed applications MUST be submitted through MyHETIconnect by COB Thursday 4 August 2022.

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HETI General Allied Health Mailing List

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Resources for "Applying for a Workplace Learning Grant"

HETI has prepared a short presentation to provide guidance in creating a high quality application for this program:

Presentation - Applying for a Workplace Learning Grant

A recording of the April 2018 webcast "Applying for a Workplace Learning Grant" is available for viewing by registering - webcast

A copy of the presentation from the webcast is available for download here.