Older People’s Mental Health Scholarships - OPEN NOW

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HETI offers a number of courses within the Applied Mental Health Studies Framework. In addition to the formal HETI Higher Education Postgraduate Award courses (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters), HETI provides the flexibility of studying Microcredentials for Professional Development. Students can choose completion pathways (Certificate of Completion) that will credit any of the Professional Development units towards a degree should they decide to enrol in a formal qualification at HETI or another institution which may recognise prior learning.

All Applied Mental Health Studies units are underpinned by recovery principles with an emphasis on the application to clinical practice. From the outset, students select their preferred specialisation in mental health including working with infants, children and youth, adults or older people. More information about these specialisations can be found here


These scholarships have been funded by Mental Health Branch (MHB), NSW Ministry of Health. The scholarship will be administered and delivered by HETI to NSW Health professionals providing mental health services to older people and their families/carers,  aged care staff working within the mental health residential aged care (MH RAC) partnership services supported by NSW Health funding, and  clinicians providing mental health care to older people through the Primary Health Networks. Applications will be prioritised as follows:
1. NSW Health staff providing mental health services to older people;
2. Aged care staff working in mental health residential aged care partnership services; or
3. Clinicians providing mental health care to older people through Primary Health Networks.

In the event there are significantly more applications than scholarship funding available, priority list will be developed  for any future scholarship funding.

The OPMH scholarship covers 100% of the cost of study from Teaching Period 2 which commences on the 27th March 2023. Students can choose 50 hours to a maximum load of 600 hours of study in 2023. HETI Higher Education will determine the hours of funded study to be allocated per applicant in consultation with MHB. Students should not exceed a maximum study load. This decision will be final and based on a review of the merit of applications. OPMH scholarships are continually open while funds are available and students will be notified of the outcome of their application on a rolling basis.

Please Note: To receive this scholarship, you cannot currently be a recipient of any other scholarship for the Applied Mental Health Professional Development or Award courses (i.e. recipients are ineligible to also receive a Nursing and Midwifery Office (NaMO) Postgraduate scholarship for the Applied Mental Health Studies course. Successful recipients of the NaMO scholarship must advise HETI Higher Education within two (2) weeks of accepting their offer.

Consider this exciting new opportunity to grow your capabilities in Older Person’s Mental Health.

How to apply

For more information, eligibility view the Scholarship Application Guidelines

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