Allied Health Cross Boundary Grant Program

Open from: 27 April 2020 to 26 June 2020

The Allied Health Unit, Professional Practice and Interprofessional Collaboration Portfolio of HETI, is pleased to announce that in 2020 the Allied Health Cross Boundary Grant Program will commence.  The HETI Allied Health Cross Boundary (CB) Grant Program aims to provide financial support to groups of Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) and/or Allied Health Assistants (AHAs) seeking to further develop their knowledge and skills through group related work learning opportunities that occur during 2020/21.

Eligible groups of allied health professionals and/or assistants are able to apply for one-off grants of up to $4000 to support access to group learning opportunities which will enhance their ability to perform in their current role. Aboriginal Health Workers and Practitioners working in an allied health support role will be included for the purposes of this grant.


To be eligible to apply for the Program, applications must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  1. The group requesting the funding is predominantly (at least 60%) Allied Health Professionals (AHP) and/or Allied Health Assistants (AHA) with representation from more than one district/network
  2. All people in the group are currently employed by NSW Health.  Consideration may be given where an established working relationship between NSW Health and non NSW Health group members exists.
  3. The group is comprised of three (3) or more people.  Each group must have a Key Contact Person.
  4. The proposed CB activity for which the funding is sought will be completed by the 30 June 2021.
  5. If the CB activity involves an external presenter/facilitator, a current up to date quote for the training activity or event must be attached in the application.
  6. The application is supported by the Director of Allied Health from the contact persons district or network.


All applications, including written endorsement from a Director of Allied health (as listed in the Terms and Conditions) will need to be submitted via email to

Please note there have been some changes to the application process and these are included in the 2020 CB Terms and Conditions

Completed applications MUST be submitted to received by C.O.B Friday 26 June 2020, so Apply Now! Cross Boundary Grant Application Form