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My Health Learning

Whilst on placements, students must comply with relevant policies, guidelines and procedures.  Relevant policy directives may identify a mandatory training requirement applicable to students.  Students must complete their mandatory training in accordance with these policy directives where relevant to their level of supervision / exposure to patients.

The e-Learning modules are available in the 'My Health Learning' system.  Students will use their StaffLink ID to log into the My Health Learning system.

Access to My Health Learning is granted 13 days before the placement starts and terminated the day after the placement ends.  Access is reactivated for each subsequent placement.  Students only have access to a limited number of modules in My Health Learning.

Students not currently on a placement, will not have access to the My Health Learning System.

The mandatory modules are:

  • Hazardous Manual Tasks and Work Health and Safety
  • Patient Privacy
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Between the Flags - Tier 1 (Awareness Charts and Escalation)
  • Cyber Security Fundamentals
  • Infection Prevention and Control Practices
  • Personal Protective Equipment for Combined Transmission-Based Precautions
  • Donning and fit checking of P2 or N95 respirators in NSW Healthcare settings
  • Security Awareness - All Staff

The modules only need to be completed once except for Hand Hygiene and Cyber Security which need to be repeated every 5 years and 2 years respectively.  Students do not need to repeat the modules for every placement.  NSW Health employees or students changing Education Providers, do not need to repeat the modules if they have already completed them, unless Hand Hygiene or Cyber Security has expired.

Students should download and save copies of their certificates once they have completed the modules in My Health Learning.  This will be important for later when applying for employment.

HETI Moodle

HETI Moodle is a public facing eLearning system. Students can create their own accounts and complete courses in this system at any time. They don't have to be on a placement to access HETI Moodle like they do to access My Health Learning and students may want to access Moodle to complete courses not available to them in My Health Learning. Please note: courses completed in HETI Moodle are not recorded in My Health Learning or ClinConnect. Because of this, students may be required to repeat courses in My Health Learning if first completed in Moodle.

HETI Moodle Instructions