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ClinConnect Support

Where do I access ClinConnect?

What do I use to log into ClinConnect?

Your work email address (some NSW Health users will log in with their StaffLink ID) and the pasword you've chosen.

How do I get access to ClinConnect?

Contact your local ClinConnect Coordinator

Please note - students do not access ClinConnect.

ClinConnect online learning module

New Users are encouraged to complete the ClinConnect Online Learning Module titled ClinConnect Fundamentals which is available as a link from the ClinConnect Dashboard.  Health users will complete the module in My Health Learning.

ClinConnect online help module

A step-by-step instruction guide is available for ClinConnect users and can be accessed from a users ClinConnect dashboard.

ClinConnect Support Resources

ClinConnect support guidelines
Guide for Health Service ClinConnect User
Guide for Education Provider ClinConnect Users
ClinConnect Report Resource - May 2015
Education Provider User Social Work Guide
Health Service User Social Work Guide

ClinConnect Training Database

The ClinConnect Training database is virtually a copy of the live ClinConnect database.  Users can practice ClinConnect tasks in the training database before completing those tasks in the live environment.  Contact your local ClinConnect Coordinator to obtain access to the ClinConnect Training Database.

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