Health Education and Training (HETI) Fellow

HETI’s vision is where innovation drives excellence in education and training for improved health outcomes. HETI holds a unique place in the health education and training landscape, being the only Australian public health organisation that is a higher education provider. Fellow of the Health Education and Training Institute (HETI Fellow) aims to strengthen HETI’s standing and deepen mutually beneficial relationships with health partners.

Appointment as a Fellow is the highest recognition given by HETI. A fellow is a suitably qualified and experienced individual who has a close association with, and makes an ongoing contribution to, the activities of HETI in a largely honorary capacity. Appointment may also recognise significant academic and/or professional achievements in industry and/or the community-at-large that are of relevance to HETI. The Chief Executive considers appointments from self-nominations and from HETI-initiated nominations. Appointments are for an initial term of 36 months.


HETI invites nominations from suitable individuals who seek to be appointed as a HETI Fellow.

Full details are contained in the Fellow Policy and Nomination Form.

Nominations are accepted via email at heti-ceoffice@health.nsw.gov.au