Training and Support Unit for Aboriginal Mothers, Babies and Children

The Training and Support Unit for Aboriginal mothers, babies and children provides education to staff working in Aboriginal Maternal Infant Health Services (AMIHS), Building Strong Foundations for Aboriginal Children, Families and Communities (BSF) and staff working collaboratively with these programs. This current included mental health and drug and alcohol staff employed to enhance early intervention and prevention services in selected AMIHS as part of the National Partnership Agreement - Indigenous Early Childhood Development initiative (NPA-IECD).

The aim of the program

The TSU contributes to closing the gap in health outcomes between Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal mothers, babies and children.

To provide high quality education and support to AMIHS and BSF programs so that staff have the appropriate knowledge and skills to provide sustainable, culturally appropriate maternity and child health care to Aboriginal mothers, babies and children.

What does the TSU offer

  • Professional Development Program (PDP)
    - Strengthening Foundations workshop
    - Community Development workshop
    - 5 mixed mode modules
    The PDP provides an overview of maternal, child and family health. This education focuses on how to deliver culturally appropriate health care that meets the needs of local communities in a primary health care framework.
  • Provide ongoing professional support for AMIHS and BSF programs, including through the development of supportive, responsive professional networks.
  • Develop education and resources that enable targeted staff to provide evidence based services
  • Deliver a state-wide biennial Forum and regional biennial Forums on consecutive years
  • Conference for staff working in Aboriginal health programs
  • Promote the AMIHS philosophy and the importance of equitable working relationships between clinical specialists and Aboriginal Health Workers
  • Promote and increase the understanding of how to provide health services that are culturally appropriate
  • Promote the importance of supervision and reflective practice

Who is eligible for support?

The TSU is funded specifically to provide training and support for AMIHS and BSF programs. Consideration will be given for additional staff, who are co-located with AMIHS and BSF teams, to attend workshops conducted by the TSU but ongoing educational support will only be offered to AMIHS and BSF staff.

Contact us

The TSU sits within the Rural and Remote Portfolio of HETI. Members of the TSU Team are located in various sites across NSW.

Kylie Sands Administration Officer Orange (02) 6369 8585
Vicki Gransden Project Officer Orange (02) 6369 8583
Julie Collier Nurse Educator Child & Family Health Taree (02) 6592 9161
Sharon Taylor Aboriginal Health Educator Wallsend (Newcastle) (02) 4924 6226
Ebony Eulo Aboriginal Health Educator (AMIHS) Wallsend (Newcastle) (02) 4924 6246
Karen Beattie Midwifery Educator Kempsey (02) 6562 0312
Catherine Helps Midwifery Educator (AMIHS) Lismore
Brenda Holt Aboriginal Health Educator Lismore

Thinking of studying, attending a workshop or conference in 2014?

Concerned about cost?

Consider a scholarship. It's easier than you think!

There are several scholarships and grants currently open for Nurse, Midwives, Aboriginal Health Education Officers, and Allied Health staff. These scholarships can assist with undergraduate and postgraduate studies, continuing professional development activities; short courses, workshops, conferences and seminars. Check out:

HETI Rural scholarships
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The TSU team is happy to discuss your application with you.