Training and Support Unit for Aboriginal Mothers, Babies and Children

The Training and Support Unit for Aboriginal Mothers, Babies and Children provides education to staff working in Aboriginal Maternal Infant Health Services (AMIHS), Building Strong Foundations for Aboriginal Children, Families and Communities (BSF) and staff working collaboratively with these programs.

The aim of the program

The TSU contributes to closing the gap in health outcomes between Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal mothers, babies and children.

To provide high quality education and support to AMIHS and BSF programs so that staff have the appropriate knowledge and skills to provide sustainable, culturally appropriate maternity and child health care to Aboriginal mothers, babies and children.

What does the TSU provide?

We deliver a Professional Development Program (PDP) known as 'Strengthening Foundations' for workers in AMIHS and BSF programs, giving a culturally inclusive overview of Aboriginal Maternal and Child and Family Health matters. The PDP consists of:

  • One Strengthening Foundations workshop
  • Four eLearning Modules
  • One Community Development workshop

In addition, the TSU delivers culturally approproate health care education in a primary health care framework, which meets the needs of Aboriginal communities. The TSU:

  • Enables the development of supportive, responsive and professional networks
  • Facilitates a conference for staff working in Aboriginal maternal and child health programs
  • Promote the AMIHS and BSF programs and the importance of equitable working relationships between clinical specialists and Aboriginal Health Workers
  • Encourages the importance of supervision and reflective practice
  • Facilitates and delivers education and support that caters to different learning and communication styles including face-to-face and one-on-one sessions, group workshops, online learning and teleconferences
  • Visits AMIHS and BSF sites yearly to connect with staff and organise local workshops to facilitate engagement with the PDP

Who is eligible for support?

The TSU is funded specifically to provide training and support for AMIHS and BSF programs. Consideration will be given for additional staff, who are co-located with AMIHS and BSF teams, to attend events conducted by the TSU, but ongoing support will only be offered to AMIHS and BSF staff.

New from the TSU

The TSU will be holding regular webinars, featuring a range of interesting and engaging topics. Head to the TSU Webinars page to view previous webinars.