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Sharp skills to be put to the test in Golden Scalpel Games


The surgical skills of NSW University Surgical Societies and HETI Surgical Skills Network Trainees will be put to the test in late September as part of the 2017 Golden Scalpel GamesTM. This is a major education and training event for the HETI Surgical Skills Network.

Now in its sixth year, the Games is an educational team-based competition which challenges teams from across the six surgical skills training networks in NSW to complete a range of challenging clinical stations to claim the Surgical Skills Network Golden Scalpel Games perpetual trophy.

Students and trainees have the opportunity to showcase and share training skills, knowledge, explore new innovations in technology using simulation environments. The event also provides a valuable networking opportunity for network directors of training, education support officers and key leaders of surgical training at the state level from HETI and the NSW Clinical Surgical Training Council.

The event will be supported by surgeons and assessors who are responsible for encouraging trainee surgeons to obtain a strong foundation of broad surgical skills as a springboard to a surgical career.

HETI is also collaborating with NSW Medical Schools to create a medical student version of this event which will be showcased on the same day. The medical student competition is supervised and assessed by the NSW Surgical Skills Network Trainees.

A participant’s guide can be downloaded at heti.nsw.gov.au/golden-scalpel-games