NSW Health Leadership Program: focusing on wound care and transport in a rural health care setting


Working with its partners across the state, the Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) is helping to develop leadership skills to address strategic and local challenges.

On Thursday 11 February, the Tablelands Sector of Hunter New England Health held its local NSW Health Leadership Program presentation ceremony in the small hamlet of Guyra. The event involved interdisciplinary teams of clinicians, non-clinicians, executives and external agencies. A unique element of the Tablelands’ program was to include consumers and General Practitioners who, in line with the principles of Adaptive Leadership, presented at the event. Two action learning ‘X teams’ outlined their adaptive challenges, and shared achievements and engagement strategies – Wound Care and Transport.

The local program was facilitated by HETI Leadership staff, including Nick Ellem, Sheree Paterson, David Sweeney and Jan Dent and sponsored by Susan Heyman, Executive Director Regional and Rural Health Services, Hunter New England (HNE) Local Health District. Wendy Mulligan, the Tablelands Sector General Manager and local Program Lead worked with HETI to customise the program to its rural setting and to support participants. HETI Chief Executive Adjunct Professor Annette Solman and HNE Board Member Jenelle Speed attended the ceremony.

The statewide NSW Health Leadership Program is driven by the successful partnership  between HETI and local health districts. It contains core elements and objectives, and can be tailored to local leadership and strategic challenges. Participants may come from a particular hospital, Local Health District or Specialty Health Network (LHDN).

For more information and to get involved in the program contact David Sweeney, Director Leadership at HETI.