HETI tops off another great year for health education



2017 was a big year of learning and teaching at HETI for the many students we offer courses to. Here are just some of the successes...

  • 992 medical interns placed for 2018 
  • 222 new students in the first year of HETI Higher Education 
  • 7 times the number of Aboriginal Medical Graduates for 2018 compared to 2010
  • 45% growth in My Health Learning modules completed in the months following the rebrand compared to 2016
  • 2802 CORE Chat participants in 2017  - to find out more about CORE Chat click here
  • Record attendance - over 300 - at the 2017 Rural Health & Research Congress

We look forward to improving on this great result in 2018 by creating even better learning outcomes for the NSW health workforce. Look out for information about enrolling in one of our many programs and courses for 2018 on our website.