Clinical Placements in NSW Health - Resources for clinicians and Education Providers

These resources have been developed by ICTN members and their partners. They are available for use by all education and health providers. Resources have been categorised into the following areas:

  • Placement Models and Opportunities: Includes resources and reports that have been developed to identify new placement models, trial new placement models and mapping opportunities for increasing clincial placements. Models include approaches such as student led clinics and interprofessional placements and placements in the disability sector.
  • Clinical Supervision: Includes resources such as supervisor and student manuals and training packages for clincial supervision skills.
  • Reports: Includes reports that have been published by the ICTN on findings of surveys of clinical supervisors and data on clinical placement activity in NSW. This also includes a literature review on the costs and benefits of clincial placements.
  • Student Supports: Tools to support students prior to placements. Includes videos of students discussing experiences in placements in the disability and community setting, accommodation lists and videos outlining the requirements for students for pre placement vaccinations and checks.

A full list of resources available can be found here.