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Mental Health Consumer Advocacy Course

Date: 2017 - TBA
Venue: North Parramatta Campus
  Lecture Room 8, Building 103
  Cumberland Hospital East
  5 Fleet Street
  North Parramatta NSW 2124


If you are interested in attending the next Consumer Advocacy Course in 2017, please contact Marion Young to register your interest.

Marion Young
Email: marion.young@health.nsw.gov.au
Phone: (02) 9840 3833

The Workshop


The Consumer Advocacy Course consists of three consecutive days of training. This award-winning course is evaluated and regularly receives positive feedback: consumers report an increase in their confidence, and a sense that they have an enhanced understanding of advocacy and representation. Consumers are more confident at committees, and there is opportunity to resolve confusions in the field of consumer employment, volunteerism and consumer rights and responsibilities.

Who should attend

The Consumer Advocacy Course is suitable for beginners interested in starting out doing advocacy, representation, or engaging in participatory activities such as joining consumer networks, and for those already active in these roles but who need to improve their knowledge or ‘fill in the gaps’ as one participant put it. Any consumer who has been involved over a long period of time would still find this course useful, because some topics have not been presented in other settings. The Consumer Advocacy Course is restricted to consumers only, that is, people who have personal experience of living with a diagnosis of mental illness.

Course content

Day 1: Introduction and Welcome

  • Advocacy and Social Justice Principles
  • Consumer Advocacy
  • Consumer Representation
  • Looking after yourself

Day 2: Mental Health Rights and Exercises

  • Committee Skills
  • Looking after yourself

Day 3: Getting Connected

  • Networking
  • Essential Knowledge and Skills for Advocacy
  • Evaluations
  • Method : Instructor Led
  • No prerequisites
  • Not mandatory